Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge


Genesis Chapter 1
   beginning. Pro_8:22-24; Pro_16:4; Mar_13:19; Joh_1:1-3; Heb_1:10; 1Jo_1:1; God. Exo_20:11; Exo_31:18; 1Ch_16:26; Neh_9:6; Job_26:13; Job_38:4; Psa_8:3; Psa_33:6; Psa_33:9; Psa_89:11; Psa_89:12; Psa_96:5; Psa_102:25; Psa_104:24; Psa_104:30; Psa_115:15; Psa_121:2; Psa_124:8; Psa_134:3; Psa_136:5; Psa_146:6; Psa_148:4; Psa_148:5; Pro_3:19; Pro_8:22-30; Ecc_12:1; Isa_37:16; Isa_40:26; Isa_40:28; Isa_42:5; Isa_44:24; Isa_45:18; Isa_51:13; Isa_51:16; Isa_65:17; Jer_10:12; Jer_32:17; Jer_51:15; Zec_12:1; Mat_11:25; Act_4:24; Act_14:15; Act_17:24; Rom_1:19; Rom_1:20; Rom_11:36; 1Co_8:6; Eph_3:9; Col_1:16; Col_1:17; Heb_1:2; Heb_3:4; Heb_11:3; 2Pe_3:5; Rev_3:14; Rev_4:11; Rev_10:6; Rev_14:7; Rev_21:6; Rev_22:13;

without. Job_26:7; Isa_45:18; Jer_4:23; Nah_2:10; Spirit. Job_26:14; Psa_33:6; Psa_104:30; Isa_40:12-14;

God. Psa_33:6; Psa_33:9; Psa_148:5; Mat_8:3; Joh_11:43; Let. Job_36:30; Job_38:19; Psa_97:11; Psa_104:2; Psa_118:27; Isa_45:7; Isa_60:19; Joh_1:5; Joh_1:9; Joh_3:19; 2Co_4:6; Eph_5:8; Eph_5:14; 1Ti_6:16; 1Jo_1:5; 1Jo_2:8;

that. Gen_1:10; Gen_1:12; Gen_1:18; Gen_1:25; Gen_1:31; Ecc_2:13; Ecc_11:7; the light from the darkness. Heb. between the light and

Day, and. Gen_8:22; Psa_19:2; Psa_74:16; Psa_104:20; Isa_45:7; Jer_33:20; 1Co_3:13; Eph_5:13; 1Th_5:5; And the evening and the morning were. Heb. And the evening Gen_1:8; Gen_1:13; Gen_1:19; Gen_1:23; Gen_1:31;

Let there. Gen_1:14; Gen_1:20; Gen_7:11; Gen_7:12; Job_26:7; Job_26:8; Job_26:13; Job_37:11; Job_37:18; Job_38:22-26; Psa_19:1; Psa_33:6; Psa_33:9; Psa_104:2; Psa_136:5; Psa_136:6; Psa_148:4; Psa_150:1; Ecc_11:3; Jer_10:10; Jer_10:12; Jer_10:13; Jer_51:15; Zec_12:1; firmament. Heb. expansion.

divided. Pro_8:28; Pro_8:29; above. Job_26:8; Psa_104:10; Psa_148:4; Ecc_11:3; and it. Gen_1:9; Gen_1:11; Gen_1:15; Gen_1:24; Mat_8:27;

God. Gen_1:5; Gen_1:10; Gen_5:2; evening. Gen_1:5; Gen_1:13; Gen_1:19; Gen_1:23; Gen_1:31;

Job_26:7; Job_26:10; Job_38:8-11; Psa_24:1; Psa_24:2; Psa_33:7; Psa_95:5; Psa_104:3; Psa_104:5-9; Psa_136:5; Psa_136:6; Pro_8:28; Pro_8:29; Ecc_1:7; Jer_5:22; Jon_1:9; 2Pe_3:5; Rev_10:6;

God saw. Gen_1:4; Deu_32:4; Psa_104:31;

Let the. Gen_2:5; Job_28:5; Psa_104:14-17; Psa_147:8; Mat_6:30; Heb_6:7; grass. Heb. tender grass. fruit. Gen_1:29; Gen_2:9; Gen_2:16; Psa_1:3; Jer_17:8; Mat_3:10; Mat_7:16-20; Mar_4:28; Luk_6:43; Luk_6:44; Jam_3:12;

earth. Isa_61:11; Mar_4:28; herb. Isa_55:10; Isa_55:11; Mat_13:24-26; Luk_6:44; 2Co_9:10; Gal_6:7;


Let there. Deu_4:19; Job_25:3; Job_25:5; Job_38:12-14; Psa_8:3; Psa_8:4; Psa_19:1-6; Psa_74:16; Psa_74:17; Psa_104:19; Psa_104:20; Psa_119:91; Psa_136:7-9; Psa_148:3; Psa_148:6; Isa_40:26; Jer_31:35; Jer_33:20; Jer_33:25; lights. between the day and between the night. and let. Gen_8:22; Gen_9:13; Job_3:9; Job_38:31; Job_38:32; Psa_81:3; Eze_32:7; Eze_32:8; Eze_46:1; Eze_46:6; Joe_2:10; Joe_2:30; Joe_2:31; Joe_3:15; Amo_5:8; Amo_8:9; Mat_2:2; Mat_16:2; Mat_16:3; Mat_24:29; Mar_13:24; Luk_21:25; Luk_21:26; Luk_23:45; Act_2:19; Act_2:20; Rev_6:12; Rev_8:12; Rev_9:2;


to rule. Heb. for the rule, etc. Deu_4:19; Jos_10:12-14; Job_31:26; Job_38:7; Psa_8:3; Psa_19:6; Psa_74:16; Psa_136:7; Psa_136:8; Psa_136:9; Psa_148:3; Psa_148:5; Isa_13:10; Isa_24:23; Isa_45:7; Hab_3:11; Mat_24:29; Mat_27:45; 1Co_15:41; Rev_16:8; Rev_16:9; Rev_21:23; he made the stars also. Or, with the stars also.

Gen_9:13; Job_38:12; Psa_8:1; Psa_8:3; Act_13:47;

Psa_19:6; Jer_31:35;


Let the waters. Gen_1:22; Gen_2:19; Gen_8:17; Psa_104:24; Psa_104:25; Psa_148:10; Act_17:25; moving. or, creeping. 1Ki_4:33; life. Heb. a living soul. Gen_1:30; Ecc_2:21; fowl that may fly. Heb. let fowl fly. open firmament. Heb. face of the firmament. Gen_1:7; Gen_1:14;

great. Gen_6:20; Gen_7:14; Gen_8:19; Job_7:12; Job_26:5; Psa_104:24-26; Eze_32:2; Jon_1:17; Jon_2:10; Mat_12:40; brought. Gen_8:17; Gen_9:7; Exo_1:7; Exo_8:3; God saw. Gen_1:18; Gen_1:25; Gen_1:31;

Gen_1:28; Gen_8:17; Gen_9:1; Gen_30:27; Gen_30:30; Gen_35:11; Lev_26:9; Job_40:15; Job_42:12; Psa_107:31; Psa_107:38; Psa_128:3; Psa_144:13; Psa_144:14; Pro_10:22;


Let. Gen_6:20; Gen_7:14; Gen_8:19; Job_38:39; Job_38:40; Job_39:1; Job_39:5; Job_39:9; Job_39:19; Job_40:15; Psa_50:9; Psa_50:10; Psa_104:18; Psa_104:23; Psa_148:10;

Gen_2:19; Gen_2:20; Job_12:8-10; Job_26:13;

Let us. Gen_3:22; Gen_11:7; Job_35:10; Psa_100:3; Psa_149:2; Isa_64:8; Joh_5:17; Joh_14:23; 1Jo_5:7; man. in our. Gen_5:1; Gen_9:6; Ecc_7:29; Act_17:26; Act_17:28; Act_17:29; 1Co_11:7; 2Co_3:18; 2Co_4:4; Eph_4:24; Col_1:15; Col_3:10; Jam_3:9; have dominion. Gen_9:2; Gen_9:3; Gen_9:4; Job_5:23; Psa_8:4-8; Psa_104:20-24; Ecc_7:29; Jer_27:6; Act_17:20; Act_17:28; Act_17:29; 1Co_11:7; 2Co_3:18; Eph_4:24; Col_3:10; Heb_2:6-9; Jam_3:7; Jam_3:9;

in the image. Psa_139:14; Isa_43:7; Eph_2:10; Eph_4:24; Col_1:15; See Gen_1:26; male. Gen_2:21-25; Gen_5:2; Mal_2:15; Mat_19:4; Mar_10:6; 1Co_11:8; 1Co_11:9;

Gen_1:22; Gen_8:17; Gen_9:1; Gen_9:7; Gen_17:16; Gen_17:20; Gen_22:17; Gen_22:18; Gen_24:60; Gen_26:3; Gen_26:4; Gen_26:24; Gen_33:5; Gen_49:25; Lev_26:9; 1Ch_4:10; 1Ch_26:5; Job_42:12; Psa_107:38; Psa_127:1-5; Psa_128:3; Psa_128:4; Isa_45:18; 1Ti_4:3; moveth. Heb. creepeth. Psa_69:34;

I have. Psa_24:1; Psa_115:16; Hos_2:8; Act_17:24; Act_17:25; Act_17:28; 1Ti_6:17; bearing. Heb. seeding. to you. Gen_2:16; Gen_9:3; Job_36:31; Psa_104:14; Psa_104:15; Psa_104:27; Psa_104:28; Psa_111:5; Psa_136:25; Psa_145:15; Psa_145:16; Psa_146:7; Psa_147:9; Isa_33:16; Mat_6:11; Mat_6:25; Mat_6:26; Act_14:17;

Gen_9:3; Job_38:39-41; Job_39:4; Job_39:8; Job_39:30; Job_40:15; Job_40:20; Psa_104:14; Psa_145:15; Psa_145:16; Psa_147:9; life. Heb. a living soul.

very good. Job_38:7; Psa_19:1; Psa_19:2; Psa_104:24; Psa_104:31; Lam_3:38; 1Ti_4:4; and the. Gen_1:5; Gen_1:8; Gen_1:13; Gen_1:19; Gen_1:23; Gen_2:2; Exo_20:11;


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